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Android app developers have initially launched SHAREit file sharing application only for Android operated Smartphone devices and within a very small span of time, the application has gained a huge popularity among Smartphone and technology lovers. If you need Shareit for windows phone download free. This leads to the huge demand of such an exclusive application for every individual, irrespective of his/her Smartphone device or operating system.

Hence, shareit for windows phone download free application has not put limit on its exclusive features only to Android users. Instead, experts developed the file-sharing app with additional features, so that users of various other platforms, such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac and PC may use it in a hassle free way.

SHAREit Application for Windows Phone

Sharing of files and media contents today has become a significant aspect in the entire cellular network. Most of the people search for various applications to achieve sharing of files in a far better way. In this situation, SHAREit gives almost every possible feature expected by people by downloading of SHAREit for Windows Phone. In fact, the process involves is easy as similar to installation of other simple apps in the Windows Phone.

How to Download SHAREit Application for Windows Phone

  • In order to download the SHAREit application for Windows Phone devices officially, you have to visit the respective website.
  • While visiting the site, you should scroll and click on the link highlighting the option of Download from the Windows Phone Store. The app supports the operating system of Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Now, you should create a Microsoft account and sign it to it.
  • After this, by clicking on the ‘get app’ you will find SHAREit as installed in your Windows Phone device.
  • Only you have to make sure that your phone has adequate free space i.e. minimum 50MB free space prior to installation of the SHAREit application on your phone.

Using SHAREit in Windows Phone

  • One user of Windows Phone should open the settings and later, should ON the internet sharing option present in the phone device.
  • Another user of Windows Phone has to open Wi-Fi and keep it in ON mode
  • Both of the users should essentially connect their Windows Phone with the Wi-Fi
  • Once individuals complete with this step, they may open SHAREit and then transfer/receive anything (media files, text files, applications) they want.

Note:-Sharing of data via internet mandates users to keep cellular network ON in the mobile phone devices.

Ways to Transfer Files to Windows Phone from Android Devices

Once you install the SHAREit application in the Windows Phone, you have to follow the following steps to transfer files to the Windows Phone from any Android device.

Shareit for Windows Phone Download Free

  • Open up the SHAREit file sharing application on both of your Windows Phone and Android phone device.
  • Click on the option of send on Android device, while click on receive option on the Windows Phone.
  • Once you click on the option of SEND on your Android SHAREIt application, you may be able to select files, which you want to transfer. Once you complete with the selection of files, you should click on the next option.
  • If you not connect your Windows Phone yet, you will get a message ‘friend not found’.
  • Go to the bottom part of the page, where you will get the option of selecting a particular device to set up connection for transfer of files. You simply need to choose the available relevant option.
  • Now, a hotspot function will start and give notification to the Windows device to setup the connection with the same hotspot or wireless connection.
  • You will have to connect with the WLAN available on your Windows device or connect to the network, as the one possessed by the Android phone.
  • Once Windows Phone accepts the file transferred from the Android phone, transfer process will begin automatically.

Astonishing Features Of The Shareit For Windows Phone Download Free

Installation of the SHAREit application in Windows Phone will allow its users to enjoy the following astonishing features.

  • Highest possible transfer speed in case of almost every type of file than any other file sharing apps available over the internet
  • The biggest benefit of the SHAREit application is that it offers the option of cross-platform sharing of files. In this way, you may easily share your media files and other simple files from Android to Windows Phone, iPhone, PC and vice-versa in a spontaneous and efficient way as possible.
  • The file sharing application operating on Android does not utilize the mobile data of any phone device.
  • The app allows easy process associated with sharing of files i.e. one can start with the sharing of files of every type by simply entering the device’s IP address.
  • Besides individual sharing of files, the app allows sharing of files among group members i.e. up to 5 members in a group.
  • SHAREit provides users with a user-friendly type of interface. Because of this, it creates a way for every beginner to utilize it in a flawless manner.
  • The app eliminates the requirement of remembering any type of login credential.
  • Once a user opens the SHAREit app, the app automatically highlights every other device with the same application available in range.
  • Unlike other file sharing applications, the Android operated file sharing app provides the option of saving battery of a device.
  • Last, but not the least, one can get an additional feature of low memory consumption with the SHAREit application for Windows Phone.


SHAREit application for Windows Phone is helpful for every user of Windows phones to enjoy every possible benefit offered by the application. Therefore, the application acts as a boon to all users passionate towards sharing files and media contents shareit for windows phone download free.

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