shareit for ios phone

Today, there is hardly any individual, who does not know about SHAREit or about the benefit, it offers to a Smartphone user. It is an excellent app to allow transfer as well as sharing of files and applications, try Shareit for IOS Phone Free Download whether it is a video, a movie or a game and that too without consuming much time and with the highest possible speed and without making any compromise on the service quality.

In addition, a person does not have to bother about cable connections, as the latest file sharing application eliminates the requirement of any external cable, a USB or a wire to transfer any file or application. Moreover, rather than performing functions on a Bluetooth service, shareit for ios phone free download is able to setup direct connection with the help of Wi-Fi to transfer and share the files.

Official Launch of SHAREit for iOS

App developers have officially launched SHAREit for iOS phones. In this case, you may get the option of downloading SHAREit for iOS and iPas or iPhone simply from the respective app store. Before the launch of the application, users often face difficulty in Bluetooth sharing between the two different iphone devices.

Even iphone users were unable to share any photo or video before the launch of the application. However, now with the help of SHAREit for iPhone, you may opt to transfer files from a particular phone to another one available on iOS platform without bothering about anything else.

Shareit For IOS Phone Free Download

Later on, users face difficulty in transferring relatively large files, such as movies with the help of their iphone devices. However, shareit for ios phone free download eliminates that tension from the users, as now users do not have to spend charges on using mobile data to watch any online movie or to download it. Instead, the application allows transfer of movies and other similar type of big files within no time and with the help of different platforms.

Features of SHAREit

  • SHAREit app lets users to share as well as transfer files at the highest possible speed and that too without the usage of any mobile data. In fact, its speed is approximately 200 times higher and faster as compared to that possessed by Bluetooth.
  • File transfer takes place with this app is safe and always remains protected from privacy. In addition, one can share any type of file or any format, such as audios, videos and photos with friends at the same time from/to iOS devices.
  • SHAREit application allows transfer of files at the highest possible speed ranging between 10Mbps and 15Mbps, which are obviously useful for all those users, who focus on saving their valuable time.
  • The app is a handy one to use.
  • Users do not have bother about creation of any account or make payment of any registration fee for the subscription of SHAREit application.
  • SHAREit is obviously an ultimate app to share files between phones and PCs, as only you require the respective application on your device.

Steps to Download SHAREit for IOS Device

In order to download the SHAREit app on iOS device, a user has to follow a few simple and easy rules, so that you become ready to move ahead-

  • Visit the App Store, open it and search for SHAREit App
  • You only have to type the SHAREit once you view the blue icon and you should double click over it as well as hit on get.
  • On doing this, the software will ask to verify the Apple Id and later on, you have to type password of your own choice, so that the download will start.
  • Once the download of SHAREit complete, it will install and thereby, you become ready to enjoy sharing of files with the help of the respective application.

Transfer Files Between IOS Phone Devices

  • Firstly, you have to use any one app to export songs from the Music Library of iOS in the SHAREit app.
  • Once you get the required music or media file in the local storage of SHAREit, you may transfer it to many other devices with the help of SHAREit.

Transfer Files from iOS Phone to Android Device via SHAREit

Users willing to share files from their iOS phones to Android with the help of direct Wi-Fi connection, they should follow the following important steps-

  • Download the SHAREit application on both of the devices available from the respective application stores.
  • On the Android device, one should open the option of SHAREIt and then tap on the respective RECEIVE option.
  • The best thing about SHAREit is that it is able to create Wi-Fi hotspot of its own in case no network of Wi-Fi remains available.
  • Once the hotspot starts on the iOS device, you should visit to the Settings and then to the Wi-Fi connection. You have to make sure to turn on the Wi-Fi connection and choose the hosted network available from the section of Choose a Network.
  • When the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch remains connected to any network hosted with the help of SHAREit application on the Android device, you have to open the SHAREit app on the iOS device and tap over the SEND button.
  • Select a particular file to transfer from the available in-app storage, videos and photos. If the file that you want to transfer does not remain present in any of these locations, you have to import the same file in the local storage available for the app with the help of iTunes file sharing or via Open In feature present in any other app.
  • Once you complete with the selection of a particular file, you will be able to vie the device possessed by the receiver present on the screen. You have to tap over the option of the receiver for transferring the file shareit for ios phone free download.