How To Uninstall Apps In Android Using Pc? (Best solution)

Connect your Android phone to your computer by connecting it with a USB cord (not included). Access the “Manage” tab by clicking on it and then selecting “Apps” from the side menu bar. Make a selection of the programs you wish to delete and then click “Uninstall.”
What is the best way to uninstall undesirable applications from my Android device?

  • – If the app was downloaded from the Google Play Store, you can also go to the Play Store, tap “Google Play My Apps” to select the unwanted apps, then click “Uninstall” and select the “OK” button to complete the process. – If the app was downloaded from the Apple App Store, you can go to the Apple App Store and tap “Uninstall.” You can remove practically all Android applications on your own using one of three methods described below.

How do I uninstall an app on my phone from my computer?

How to uninstall applications on Android

  1. Open Google Play by clicking on the hamburger menu symbol in the top left corner of the screen. Navigate to My applications. Select the Installed tab from the drop-down menu. You can see a list of all the applications that have been installed on your device here. Select the name of the application you wish to remove. Tap Uninstall on the screen that appears after you click Uninstall.
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How do I uninstall an Android app remotely?

Uninstalling may be accomplished using the application manager. It deletes the program from the device, but it does not delete it from the Google account. The removal of a Google account may be accomplished through the Google Play Store. Navigate to the Google Play Store and pick “apps and games>my apps and games” from the left-hand menu.

How do I delete an app from another device?

Instructions on how to do it step by step:

  1. Go to the Games & Apps tab
  2. Select Library from the drop-down menu. To remove an app, locate it and press the three-dot menu button on the right. Select Manage All Applications from the drop-down menu. Choose the app that you wish to be removed. Select Delete from device from the drop-down menu.

How do I uninstall an Android app that won’t uninstall?

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Long-press the app icon in your app list to open it. Select App Info from the drop-down menu. In this case, you will be sent to a screen that provides information about the application. It’s possible that the uninstall option is grayed out. Disable the feature.

How do I uninstall Android applications?

The ability to remove a work app from specific devices or device groups is available. In the menu sidebar, under CONFIGURE, choose Apps and then Android from the drop-down menu. Select Android work applications from the Apps drop-down menu. Uninstall Android work applications may be found on the Android work apps website.

How do I uninstall preinstalled apps on Android without root?

Bloatware should be uninstalled or disabled.

  1. Select “Settings -> Apps & notifications” from your Android phone’s menu bar. Select “See all applications” from the drop-down menu and then locate and touch on the app you wish to delete. If there is a “Uninstall” button, select it to complete the uninstallation of the app.
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Is deleting an app the same as uninstalling it?

Uninstalled indicates that it has been uninstalled and that you will need to reinstall it in order to use it again. Delete app behaves in the same way as if you were deleting it from your computer. This dialog box will appear for every application that you have downloaded from the app store. All information stored on your phone will be wiped, and you will be required to reinstall the app.

How do I delete an app that won’t delete?

Uninstall any apps that your phone won’t let you uninstall.

  1. 1] Open the Settings app on your Android phone. 2] Navigate to Apps or Manage Applications and pick All Apps (the exact path may vary based on the make and model of your phone).
  2. 3] Locate the applications that you wish to uninstall. 4] Select Disable from the App Name drop-down menu.

How do I force Uninstall something?

To begin, open the Settings app on your Android phone. Then, go to Apps or Manage Applications and pick All Apps (the exact path may vary depending on the make and model of your phone). ; 3. Locate the applications that you wish to uninstall. 4] Select Disable from the drop-down menu of the program name.

  1. To open the Task Manager, hold down the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys simultaneously for a few seconds. In the processes tab, it should already be present. Under processes, select the Program or App that you wish to delete from the drop-down menu. End the program/application by selecting it from the menu bar on the right.
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How do I force Chrome to Uninstall?

Google Chrome may be found in Programs and Features by scrolling down through the list of applications until you find it. Then, right-click on Google Chrome and select Uninstall from the context menu. To uninstall Google Chrome from your computer, just follow the on-screen instructions.

Why can’t I Uninstall apps on Windows 10?

To uninstall the program, start Windows 10 in Safe Mode and follow the onscreen instructions. Third-party processes may be interfering with the uninstall process if you are unable to remove a software on Windows 10. If this is the case, contact Microsoft Support. Solution: Start your Windows 10 PC in Safe Mode and then uninstall the software while still in Safe Mode.

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