How To Send Sms From Pc To Mobile In India Free? (Perfect answer)

What is the best way to send free messages to India from your computer?

  • Simply input the phone number into the dialpad on this page and click on the “Send” button, and we will send your text or SMS to India at no additional cost to you whatsoever. You may now send free SMS to mobile and landline phones in India from your computer, as long as you have access to the internet.

How can I send free SMS from PC to mobile in India?

Greetings and welcome to, your customized web-based SMS service. You may use this to send SMS messages to an unlimited number of mobile phones in India, as well as to establish your own address book, schedule SMS delivery, send group SMS, and import your contact book from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Send an SMS to any mobile phone in India in real time.

Can I text someone from my computer for free India?

Make use of one of the many free SMS-sending services available. Using this site, you may send 160-character messages to any number, and after entering your personal information online, you will be able to send free SMS to anybody you like. This is an Indian website that is only accessible from within India.

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How can I send free SMS from Internet to mobile in India?

Make use of one of the many free SMS-sending services available online. This website offers 160-character messages, and you may send a message to any number online. After registering your personal information online, you will be able to send free SMS to anybody. This is an Indian website, and it is only accessible within the country of the same name.

  1. Free SMS to India
  2. 2 Way2SMS
  3. 3 JustSMS
  4. 4 Textra SMS.
  5. 5 SMS Text Messaging Texting SMS
  6. 6 Go SMS Pro
  7. 7 Free SMS to India
  8. 8 JaxtrSMS
  9. 1 FreakySMS

How can I send SMS without mobile number?

In order to send a message to an unknown number fast, you just put the number on your phone’s keypad, followed by the country code and a plus sign before it, such as +911234567890, on the phone’s keypad. After you’ve typed the number, press the number on the keypad itself to confirm it.

How can I send SMS from my computer?

Text messages may be sent and received from your computer.

  1. Select Messages from the Your Phone app on your computer’s desktop. Select New message to begin a new discussion.
  2. Enter the name or phone number of a contact to initiate the chat. Choose the individual to whom you wish to send a message. To begin, a fresh message thread is created for you to peruse.

How can I send free SMS online?

Text Messages Can Be Sent and Received Online

  1. Text responses will be delivered to your SendSMSnow mailbox. Send UNLIMITED text messages to your contacts
  2. Keep track of all of your sent texts in your message history. Fill out your SMS Profile and submit your photographs. New! And much more
  3. for example, a TEXT ME button on your website or profile page.
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How can I send free SMS?

These texting websites will allow you to send SMS messages from your computer at no cost to your mobile phone number. The Top 10 Sites for Sending Free Text Messages to Cell Phones (with Examples) (SMS)

  1. TextEm. Create an account with TextEm in order to send free text messages. Other similar services include SendSMSnow, OpenTextingOnline, txtDrop, and Send Anonymous SMS. TextEmNow, Globfone, and Textport are examples of such services.

How can I send free SMS from Gmail to Mobile?

How to send an SMS from your Gmail account

  1. Access your Gmail account by logging in. Enter the Contact name of the SMS recipient in the dialog box and double-check that the country and phone number are right. In the chat window, type your message and press the Enter key. It is likely that your message will be sent to the phone number you provided.

How can I send SMS to mobile in India?

In the phone number section, enter the phone number in India to which you wish to send the SMS message. Fill up the blanks with “+91” and the Indian mobile number, omitting the “0” at the beginning of the Indian telephone number.

How do I send a text message to India?

In India, you may send SMS messages using Gmail.

  1. Locate the Chat area on your Gmail account. Open your Gmail account. If the individual is not already a member of your Gmail chat account, then in the dialog box, enter his phone number in the ‘Send SMS messages to this number’ option to send him messages. To send a message, simply enter it as you would normally.
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How can I send free SMS to India Quora?

You may use the Way2Sms app, which is accessible in the Google Play store, to send free text messages to anyone in India using your registered cell number.

How can I send unlimited SMS from Internet to mobile?

Websites that allow you to send limitless SMS to cell phones

  1. Way2SMS. Way2SMS is a very ancient and dependable online SMS sending service that allows you to compose up to 140 words in a single message and send it to a number of recipients.
  2. It is possible to use YouMint, TextEm, and Send Anonymous SMS with the use of txtDrop.

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