How To Read Whatsapp Database In Pc? (Solved)

What is the best way to see WhatsApp messages on a computer?

  • WhatsApp Backup Extractor – Backuptrans is a third option for seeing your WhatsApp chats on a computer that is running Windows. It allows you to easily decrypt WhatsApp messages and read them from backup files created by WhatsApp.

How can I read WhatsApp DB file on PC?

Copy the msgstore.db file to your computer’s hard drive.

  1. The WhatsApp Viewer program will be used to read the decrypted file, which will be installed on your computer. To obtain a copy, please click HERE. Make a selection in the file menu and click on “Open,” then navigate for the decrypted file with the name msgstore.db, select it, and press “Ok.”

How can I read WhatsApp DB file?

Whatsapp Viewer may be downloaded and installed on your PC. Open Whatsapp Viewer and select File > Decrypt from the drop-down menu. crypt12 You must now load your database file as well as your key file.

How can I read WhatsApp DB in Windows Phone?

Whatsapp Viewer may be downloaded and installed on your PC by clicking here. Whatsapp Viewer should be opened and then go to File > Decrypt. You must now load your database file as well as your key file into your database.

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How do I view DB CRYPT12 files?

Your CRYPT12 file (or any other WhatsApp encrypted database file) may be found in the following directory: / sdcard/ WhatsApp/ Databases. Multiple CRYPT12 database files with the dates YYYY-MM-DD contained in their filenames may be found in the Databases folder.

How can I restore WhatsApp database on PC?

Android WhatsApp Backup may be restored from a local backup using this method.

  1. Step 1: Open the File Manager application. Backup your WhatsApp conversations to local storage and then access them by installing any File Manager or File Explorer application on your smartphone. Step 2: Look through the device’s storage. Start the restore process by renaming the backup file.
  2. Step 4: Reinstall WhatsApp.
  3. Step 5: Finish the restore process.

How can I convert WhatsApp database to text?

Android users may accomplish this with the use of an app available on Google Play called Mei.

  1. MEI MUST BE DOWNLOADED AND OPENED IN THE FIRST STEP. Mei will request you for permission to become your default SMS app when you have downloaded and opened the app. MOVE ON TO STEP 2: OPEN WHATSAPP AND EXPORT THEN OPEN MEI TO VIEW THE IMPORTED MESSAGE.

How do I open CRYPT14 files on PC?

What is the best way to open a CRYPT14 file? Following the successful recovery of both your WhatsApp encryption key and your CRYPT14 file, you may decrypt, read, and save your WhatsApp message history using WhatsApp Viewer (Windows), a free WhatsApp database decryption program that you can download from the internet.

How do I decrypt WhatsApp messages?

Open the WhatsApp Viewer, then select Decrypt from the File menu. crypt12 is the encryption key. Follow the on-screen instructions to import the database and key file that you copied from your phone earlier into the app. Once you have clicked OK, you must wait for the decryption procedure to be finished.

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How restore WhatsApp backup from Windows phone to Android?

To use WinWazzapMigrator on your Android phone, download and install it. In order for the Android WhatsApp to’see’ the Windows database, this program translates the Windows database to an Android database. WhatsApp may be downloaded and reinstalled on your Android phone. Sign in with the same phone number that you used to create the backup, and then restore your backup from local storage.

How can I transfer WhatsApp from OneDrive to Android?

Take a look at the steps below:

  1. Step 1 – Launch your File Explorer application. Click on “OneDrive,” which may be found in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the internet explorer. The next step is to launch your internet browser and navigate to the official Google Drive page. 4. Select all of the Whatsapp backup folders contained within your OneDrive account.

What is Msgstore DB CRYPT12 in WhatsApp?

The CRYPT12 file is an encrypted database that was built by WhatsApp Messenger, an Android-based instant messaging program. A 256-bit AES encrypted database of communications sent and received using the app is stored on the device. To view the complete response, please click here.

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