How To Enter Cheats In The Incredible Hulk Pc? (Perfect answer)

You may use the following hacks at the code entry screen in the Options menu:

  1. Increased health for enemies: BRNGITN.
  2. Increased health for the Hulk: HLTHDSE.
  3. Increased health for the Hulk: MMMYHLP.
  4. High Score reset: NMBTHIH.
  5. Invincibility: GMMSKIN.
  6. Level Select: TRUBLVR.
  7. Regenerator: FLSHWND.
  8. Unlimited Continues: GRNCHTR.
  9. Invincibility: GMMSKIN

What is the procedure for activating Hulk dogs cheats?

  • It is then possible to enable them under Options/Special Features/Cheats. HULK DOGS” Then copy the files contained in this release into your install directory. chubskj made a contribution to this page. Do you have something we don’t? You have the ability to propose new hacks for this game and assist our players in gaining an advantage.

How do you unlock characters in The Incredible Hulk PC?

Characters that can be unlocked

  1. Invasion of the Abomination – Defeat the Abomination.
  2. Classic Hulk – Collect 5 comic books.
  3. Gray Hulk – Smash 7500 things. Battle the U-Foes, deceive a U-Foe into KOing a teammate, and beat Abomination to complete Ironclad’s mission objectives. Complete all jump challenges.
  4. The Maestro – Destroy one structure in each neighborhood.
  5. The Professor – Complete all jump tasks.

How do you beat foes in the Incredible Hulk?

Defeat the U-Foes in the Name of X- Ray, you want to strike when his radiation level has been reduced. He fires three shots at once, followed by a flash of lightning. Lightning strikes bright patches on the ground, causing them to erupt. Vector is protected by a debris shield, so move up close to it and assault the shield until he becomes shocked.

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How do you destroy the enclave F pod in the Incredible Hulk?

Destroy the Enclave F-POD command post. As soon as you see the red marker on your radar, jump on the F-POD and smash the four orbs with an electric current going through them. Now is the time to press the four red buttons to force them into the F-POD and destroy it.

What is the cheat of GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes for PC and Laptop – a comprehensive list

  • SPEEDITUP allows for faster gameplay while SLOWITDOWN allows for slower gameplay. BAGUVIX grants infinite health while FULLCLIP grants infinite ammo. CVWKXAM grants infinite oxygen while STATEOFERGURTY grants chaos mode.
  • BLUESUEDESHOES grants Elvis entry into the building.
  • YSOHNUL grants fast clock while SLOWITDOWN grants slow gameplay.
  • YSOHNUL grants fast clock while SLOWITDOWN grants slow gameplay

How do I change controls on the Incredible Hulk PC?

Infinite Health.; Infinite Ammo.; CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen.; STATEOFEMERGENCY – Chaos Mode.;BLUESUEDESHOES – Elvis has entered the building.; YSOHNUL – Fast Clock.; SPEEDITUP and SLOWITDOWN – Faster and Slower gaming.; BAGUVIX – Infinite Health.

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