What Is The Use Of Pc? (Best solution)

PCs are mostly used at home for multimedia entertainment, such as watching movies or playing computer games, as well as for accessing the Internet. Even though personal computers (PCs) are designed to be used as single-user systems, it is common practice to connect them together to form a network, such as a local area network (LAN) (LAN).
Which of the following are the four fundamental functions of a computer?

  • The input, processing, output, and storage functions of a computer system are the four fundamental functions of the system. Each of these functions is referred to as a “IPO+S model,” and it is used to teach the principles of information systems to students.

Why is a PC so important?

A computer is an electrical equipment that is employed in practically every sector, including those that are the most surprising. Computers have become extremely significant in today’s world since they are extremely precise, quick, and capable of doing a wide range of activities. Otherwise, manual completion of such duties would take a significant amount of time.

Is PC and laptop same?

A laptop, also known as a laptop computer or a notebook computer, is a tiny, portable personal computer (PC) that is equipped with a screen and an alphanumeric keypad for use on the go. As of 2021, the phrases ‘laptop computer’ and ‘notebook computer’ are interchangeable in American English; however, in other dialects of English, one term may be favored over the other depending on the context.

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What are the 10 uses of computer?

Personal computers (PCs) are used for a variety of tasks, which are detailed below.

  • Online word processing, internet surfing, internet communications, education, gaming, business, entertainment, and sending and receiving emails are all examples of what you can do with a laptop computer.

What are the 10 most important uses of computer?

Please keep in mind that the following list is intended to serve as illustrative rather than complete; there are many more computer applications than the 20 mentioned here.

  • Please keep in mind that the following list is intended to serve as illustrative rather than complete
  • there are many more computer applications than the twenty mentioned here.

Is a phone a PC?

Yes, cellphones and tablets are regarded to be computers under the law. Typically, input is delivered through a touch screen interface, and the output is shown on a screen in the case of a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones and tablets have a lot in common with classic desktop computers in terms of functionality. Many of their capabilities are the same as each other.

Which is better laptop or PC?

If you want a more powerful laptop (faster processing, better graphics, more storage capacity, and so on), the cost might be significantly higher, going up to $1000 or more depending on the brand and specifications. The bottom line is that desktop computers win this category. A desktop computer will always be less expensive than a laptop computer.

What are the 7 types of computer?


  • The terms supercomputer, mainframe, server computer, workstation computer, personal computer or PC, microcontroller, and smartphone are all used in this context.
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What are the 5 most common uses of computers in the home?

Begin with our own personal computer, which we use for internet surfing, purchasing and selling online items, doing financial transactions over the internet (including online banking), playing games, chatting, and making audio/video calls, as well as viewing movies.

Who uses laptop?

Students who are enrolled in college or university utilize laptop computers to complete their coursework. Laptop computers are not only helpful for saving homework, but they are also practical for transporting to and from class. Laptops are useful for folks who are more adept at typing than they are at writing by hand because they allow them to take notes while keeping up with the speaker.

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