How To Use Phone As Speaker For Pc? (TOP 5 Tips)

This may be accomplished simply copying and pasting the server address from the program on your PC into the phone’s address bar. After that, go to your phone’s home screen and press on the SoundWire symbol. That’s all; your phone should now be able to serve as a speaker.
What is the best way to connect a speaker to a computer?

  • Enter your computer’s settings and choose Device from the drop-down menu. Verify that your Bluetooth is activated by moving the button across the screen. Turn on Bluetooth on your Bluetooth speaker to complete the pairing process. Check the instructions in your Bluetooth speaker’s handbook to discover how to accomplish this because various models will differ. You will now be presented with a selection of discoverable devices with which you can couple your device. Locate the name of your device and click on Connect. This will allow you to pair your
  • All Windows 10 audio will be directed to your Bluetooth speaker as soon as it is connected to the computer.


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How can I use my Android phone as a PC speaker?

Instructions on How to Convert Your Computer into a Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Control Panel may be accessed by selecting “Start,” then “Control Panel.” Select “Add a device” from the drop-down menu under “Hardware and Sound.” Change the Bluetooth setting on your device to “Discoverable.” To connect to your Bluetooth device, click “Next” on your computer’s screen and then choose it from the list that displays.

How do I use my phone as a Bluetooth speaker for my computer?

Connecting your Android handset to your Windows PC through Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB tethering is simple and can be accomplished by heading to Android Settings->More->Tethering & mobile hotspot. Tethering will not operate unless you have a functional internet connection, therefore make sure your internet connection is operational before proceeding. Once everything is set up, you may listen to any music on your computer.

How can I use my phone as a speaker for my laptop?

Using a Laptop as Speakers for a Bluetooth Phone (with Pictures)

  1. Open the “Bluetooth” program on your laptop and connect your device. Toggle the Bluetooth adaptor on your phone to the on or enabled position. Keep an eye out for your phone recognizing your PC as a Bluetooth device. Choose the Bluetooth icon on your computer’s desktop. Connect the two devices together.

Can I use my phone as Bluetooth speaker?

Through the use of a software called SoundWire, Android smartphone owners may utilize their smartphones as Bluetooth speakers for their laptops. It is possible to stream audio from a Windows or Linux computer to your phone using the free version.

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How can I use my phone as a speaker and mic on my computer?

Go to the WO Mic website and download the PC client as well as the PC driver for your computer. Install them both at the same time. Then download the appropriate software for your device (Android or iOS). Start the PC application by pressing the “Start” button. 2. Connect with a USB cable.

  1. Select Settings from the drop-down menu
  2. Select Transport and USB from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, return to the previous screen and press the play symbol to enable the microphone on your phone.

How do I turn my iPhone into a speaker for my computer?

How to Convert an iPhone into a Speaker (with Pictures)

  1. ISpeaker may be obtained from the official website ( and installed from there.
  2. Open the Control Panel by selecting it from the Start menu. “Set Default” and “Apply” are the next steps. Set up a wireless network for your PC and iPhone on the same network. To access the iSpeaker app on your phone, press the Home button.

Can I use my PC as a Bluetooth speaker?

Simply enable Bluetooth on both devices (PC and mobile) and set them to discoverable mode. From your Android mobile device, look for your computer. Connect to your computer and you’re done. Simply go to your playlist and play as many songs as you like from it.

How can I use my PC as a wireless speaker?

A large portion of the limitation of music listening on Android devices is due to the small size of the speakers. Step 2: Creating a configuration

  1. Open Windows Media Player if it is not already open. Click on Stream, and then check and activate the following three options: Allow home media to have access to the internet. Changes should be confirmed and then the process should continue.
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How do I make my laptop speakers work Windows 10?

Simply follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Devices from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Click Bluetooth & other devices in the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Turn on the toggle switch at the top. To add a new device, select Add Bluetooth or other device from the drop-down menu. Choose Bluetooth from the drop-down menu. Select the device from the list.

How do I turn my phone into a wired speaker?

Connect a headset jack adapter to your phone’s headphone jack in order to split the microphone and audio input signals between the two. Then, from the audio output of your computer, connect a regular audio cable to the microphone jack on your phone and turn it on. Last but not least, download and install a program that directs the microphone input to the speaker, and then turn it on.

What is AmpMe app?

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