How To Upload Videos To Instagram From Pc?

What is the best way to post photos to Instagram from your computer?

  • To upload a photo from your computer, first click the camera button, then pick the polaroid symbols in the lower-right corner of the app window to begin the upload process. This will prompt you to choose a photo from your computer’s hard disk. (If you use Instagram on your Android device, you will be familiar with this process.) After that, just edit and submit the shot as usual.

Can I post videos on Instagram from my computer?

The Instagram Bulk Uploader allows you to upload several images and videos at the same time from your computer and send them directly to your Instagram profile with a description; all you have to do is download the app and log in with your Instagram account information.

How do I upload videos directly to Instagram?

Here’s how to post a video to Instagram’s in-feed from your computer.

  1. Open Instagram and take a look around. Click on the plus icon at the upper right of your newsfeed screen when you first open Instagram
  2. Select “Videos” from the drop-down menu. This will allow you to access the media library on your phone. Select a video from the list. Choose a video that you’d want to share on Instagram from this menu. Filters should be used. Create an eye-catching caption.
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How can I upload videos to Instagram from my computer for free?

Method No. 2

  1. Go to Instagram for desktop and select Add to Chrome from the drop-down menu. Authenticate using your Instagram account (you must be logged in before using the extension)
  2. Select Extensions from the top menu of Chrome. To upload a video, click on the button. Choose your video (it must be less than 1 minute in length)
  3. add descriptions
  4. and then click post.

Why can’t I post videos on Instagram?

It is necessary to consider the following factors when you are unable to upload video files to Instagram: Your network connection is poor or weak. Instagram has blocked, banned, or deactivated your Instagram account. The content of your video is in violation of Instagram’s terms of service.

How do I upload videos to Instagram from Windows 10?

You can upload, edit, and post photographs on Instagram using a touchscreen Windows 10 PC in the same way that you would do so on the Instagram mobile application. Simply choose the ‘camera’ symbol from the drop-down menu, and then choose whether to share a photo or video from your gallery or to take a new one.

How do I post to Instagram from Windows?

How to upload to Instagram from your computer’s desktop

  1. In the upper right corner, click the plus sign (+). It will show in the middle of the screen, between the messages and the compass icons. Drag and drag images or movies, or choose from your computer’s media library. Make changes to your article by using filters and editing tools. Add a description and a geotag to your post, as well as tagging individuals in it. To share something, click on the share button.
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How do I upload videos to Instagram from Chrome?

Instructions for posting videos to Instagram with Google Chrome on a Mac

  1. Open the Chrome web browser and navigate to the Instagram website. Access your account by logging in. Select the + symbol (plus sign) in the upper-right corner. Select “Select from computer” from the drop-down menu. Another alternative is to drag the movie to your computer and upload it. Choose the video you want to upload and click on it. You can make changes if you like.

What format do videos need to be for Instagram?

Video specifications that are ideal for Instagram. Although you may post a variety of video formats to Instagram, the mp4 file is the best choice for most people. Your videos will have the highest possible resolution and playability for your visitors as a result of this.

How do I post an IGTV video on Instagram?


  1. When working on a computer, open your web browser and navigate to Visit your profile and select IGTV
  2. Click Upload
  3. Click and select a video, or drag and drop a video file into the upload box. Fill in the blanks with a title and a description.
  4. Click Publish.

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