How To Unlock Any Phone Password With Pc? (Perfect answer)

What is the best way to unlock a phone if you have forgotten the password?

  • Unlock your phone by entering your PIN. Turn on the screen of your phone once you’ve set up a password, then swipe it up to see a text entry field, followed by the word “OK.” After that, your phone will be unlocked.
  • If you lose or forget your password, you will need to factory reset your phone in order to gain access to it.

How can I unlock my phone password from my computer?

DroidKit may be downloaded for free and installed on a Windows or Mac computer. Select the Unlock Screen mode from the drop-down menu.

  1. Make a selection for the Unlock Screen Function.
  2. Connect your locked phone.
  3. Click the Remove Now button.
  4. Confirm the locked device’s brand and proceed. Enter Recovery Mode after unlocking the screen. The removal of the lock screen has been completed.

How do I unlock my phone using CMD?

If the device is locked and the screen is black, perform the following steps:

  1. Keyevent 26 in the adb shell – this will turn on the computer’s screen. adb shell input keyevent 82 – this will unlock the device and prompt for a pin number. the adb shell’s text input string is xxxxxx and the adb shell input keyevent 66 – this will prompt you for your pin and then press enter, unlocking the device and returning it to the home screen.
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How can I open my phone on my computer?

Your Windows 10 phone of choice

  1. As soon as you finish installing the Your Phone app, make sure your PC and Android smartphone are close by, both powered on, and connected to Wi-Fi. Activate the Your Phone application on your smartphone. Select the option to link your phone and computer. If asked, sign into the Your Phone Companion app using the same Microsoft account that you use to log into your computer.

Can you unlock Android without resetting?

With Google, you can bypass the need to factory reset your Android phone. It’s time to track down my device. Go to on another Android smartphone or a computer > Type in the search term > Access your Google account by logging in > All of your Android devices that have logged into this account will be displayed > To unlock an Android phone, select the device you wish to unlock.

How do you unlock a phone without knowing the password without losing data?

Select the device you wish to unlock from the Android Device Manager interface > Unlock the device. Select the Lock button > Fill out the form with a temporary password (there is no need to provide a recovery message). Press the Lock button a second time. When the operation is completed successfully, you will get a confirmation box with the buttons Ring, Lock, and Erase shown. Step number four.

How do I unlock my phone without a Google account?

How to Unlock an Android Phone Without Using a Google Account

  1. By holding down the power button for a lengthy period of time, you may turn off your Android phone. Recovery mode may be accessed by restarting your Android smartphone. To access the Restore Factory Defaults option, use the volume keys to get to it. To completely erase all user data, select the Factory data reset option.
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How can I access my Android phone from my PC?

To get started, install TeamViewer on your PC and the QuickSupport app on your smartphone. Integrate them together for convenient access to your Android devices from a computer. Remote Access allows you to rapidly operate an Android device at home while you’re at work, saving you time and effort.

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