How To Read Whatsapp Backup From Google Drive On Pc? (Solved)

To accomplish this, just go to your Google Drive account on your computer and click on the gear icon on the top-right corner to access its Settings. Now, go to the “Manage Apps” or “Managing Apps” area under Google Settings, identify WhatsApp, and access its preferences.
Does WhatsApp backup media on Google Drive?

  • Start the WhatsApp application on your Android device. Select “Menu” “Settings” “Chats and Calls” from the drop-down menu. Select “Chat Backup” from the drop-down menu, and then touch “Back up to Google Drive” on the right.
  • You must choose a backup frequency, which can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

Can I see WhatsApp backup on Google Drive?

In Google Drive, you may view your backups of your mobile device or WhatsApp chat messages, as well as check the status of your backups. Find out how to restore your backup and which devices you may use to do so in this article.

How can I read WhatsApp backup messages?

For the local backup stored in the phone’s internal storage, open the file manager, navigate to the root folder, look for the WhatsApp folder, and touch on it. For the remote backup saved in the cloud, follow the steps above. Look for the ‘databases’ folder, which contains all of the text messages you’ve received. A separate ‘Media’ folder within the WhatsApp folder is used to store all of the multimedia content.

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How can I read WhatsApp database on PC?

You can read WhatsApp messages on a computer for WhatsApp Databases ranging from Crypt6 to Crypt12 encryption levels.

  1. Put the WhatsApp Database file you wish to read straight on your default SD Card
  2. this is the location where WhatsApp saves its Database file the majority of the time. CLICK HERE to get the WhatsApp Tri-Crypt encryption software. Copy the msgstore.db file to your computer’s hard drive.

How do I retrieve old WhatsApp messages from Google Drive?

Obtaining WhatsApp Backup Data from Google Drive is the first step.

  1. Open AppTrans and choose WhatsApp Backup from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select one WhatsApp backup to restore from Google Drive from the list. Select the kind of files to be restored from the drop-down menu. Remove the encryption from your Android phone. On your Android phone, download and install WhatsApp Custom Version. Select Restore WhatsApp Message Backup from the Message Backups list.

How can I open WhatsApp backup without key?

Method No. 1. (For Rooted Devices) Decrypt WhatsApp Database crypt12 on a computer without the need of a key

  1. Locate your WhatsApp message backup file, which is named msgstore. Locate your Key file, which includes the decryption key required to unlock an encrypted file from the /data/data/com directory. Connect your phone to your computer and copy the database file with the name msgstore to your hard drive.

How can I retrieve data from WhatsApp database?

Using a local backup, restore your data.

  1. Install a file management application on your device. Choose Local Storage or SD Card > WhatsApp Databases from the file management application. Install and use WhatsApp, and then authenticate your phone number. When asked, select RESTORE to restore your conversations and media from your local backup.
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Why can’t I restore my WhatsApp messages from Google Drive?

Go to Android Settings, pick Applications, hit WhatsApp, and then select Storage from the drop-down menu. Take note of the file size of the backup. Then, on your new phone, open WhatsApp and see if you can enable and restore your chat history this time. If the activation or data transfer process appears to be stalled, turn on Airplane Mode on your smartphone.

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