How To Play Call Of Duty Mobile On Pc? (Solved)

How to install Call of Duty: Mobile on a PC

  1. Go to and download and install the emulator. Once Gameloop has been installed, look for Call of Duty: Mobile on the menu. Click on CoD: Mobile and then hit the ‘Install’ button. The game will automatically start when it has been installed. You may also access it by launching the Gameloop launcher and selecting ‘Library’ from the drop-down menu

What is the best way to obtain Call of Duty Mobile?

  • Download LDPlayer, a free Android emulator that allows you to play mobile games and apps on your computer. Install LDPlayer on your desktop once it has been successfully installed
  • Fire up LDPlayer and type in Call of Duty┬«: Mobile – Season 6: The Heat into the search field. Install the game from the LD Store (or Google Play) on your computer. Once the installation process is complete, click on the game icon to begin playing.


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How can I play Call of Duty: Mobile on my laptop?

Step 1: Go to the official Gameloop website and download and install the Gameloop emulator. Second, once the installation procedure is complete, launch the emulator and navigate to the “Game Center,” where you may search for Call of Duty Mobile. Step5: After the installation is complete, go to the “My Games” option and you will see Call of Duty: Mobile listed there.

Is playing COD Mobile on PC cheating?

Call of Duty Mobile is exactly what it sounds like: a mobile game. Using anything other than a touchpad to compete against players who are playing the game in the manner intended is considered CHEATING. It is possible to accomplish things using a mouse and keyboard that are not possible while using a touchpad, and this provides you with a significant edge against touchpad gamers.

Can you get banned for playing COD Mobile on PC?

Initial marketing emphasized the ability for PUBG Mobile players to participate from their desktop PCs, but it has now evolved into a center for a variety of very popular mobile titles, including Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite: Battle Royale. It’s fully free, completely legal, and it won’t result in your account being suddenly suspended.

Is Call of Duty on PC free?

Everyone is welcome to participate in this game for free. Experience traditional Call of Duty® first-person action in an all-new, huge arena with room for up to 150 players in this new multiplayer mode. Drop in, arm yourself, scavenge for goodies, and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard. Greetings and welcome to WarzoneTM.

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Is Gameloop illegal?

For the time being, Gameloop is not prohibited in India. Only Chinese applications have been blocked by the Indian government, not online shopping.

Is Codm emulator legal?

If you’ve been using an emulator to compete against Call of Duty mobile gamers, now is the time to discontinue your practice. Players that utilize a customized version of the Call of Duty Mobile client will be automatically banned. Last but not least, players that use skin scripts or any other type of hack that allows them to edit textures will be banned from the game.

Is Gameloop a virus?

In fact, because it is an approved pubg mobile emulator, Tencent gaming buddy, also known as gameloop, is absolutely free of viruses and malicious code.

Can you play Call of Duty Mobile with PC players?

The game does allow for crossplay amongst mobile users because they are not split into distinct servers. You may form alliances with others on the PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

How do I get CoD Mobile on Windows 10?

All that is required is that you download and execute the Gameloop emulator for Windows 10 PC executable file that has been provided.

  1. From the list of games accessible on the home screen, pick Call of Duty. When you click on the Download button, it will begin downloading the Gaming engine that will be used to execute the game.

How can I play CoD Mobile on my laptop without emulator?

The answer is “NO,” you will be unable to play the game on a machine that does not have an emulator. Certain mobile apps, particularly massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), are released as separate PC titles. COD Mobile, on the other hand, does not have any such ports or independent releases. As a result, there is no official way to play the game on PCs other than through the use of an emulator.

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Will I get banned if I play Codm on emulator?

Unfortunately, the ban wave has arrived for both versions of Call of Duty Mobile, which is a sad state of affairs. As was to be expected, the announcement came as a surprise to all of the emulator users. Even though they did not utilize any hackers or third-party applications, their account was suspended just because they were using an insecure emulator.

Does CoD Mobile allow VPN?

Can I use a virtual private network (VPN) with Call of Duty Mobile? Yes. A virtual private network (VPN) can assist you in connecting to actual gamers in different locations while also lowering ping to lessen latency in-game.

Can using Bluestacks get you banned in Codm?

In the first match, I used version 0.1063 of Bluestacks to test my secondary account and was immediately banned for 24 hours; it is not enough for you guys to fix it; the emulator is good, but it is not certified by the developers; no matter how many times you fix it, the developers of CODM will create a new trigger, and new accounts will be banned.

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