How To Open Whatsapp Backup File On Pc? (Solution)

Accessing WhatsApp Backups via Google Drive is a simple process.

  1. Accessing WhatsApp Backups via Google Drive is a straightforward procedure.

What is the best way to set up WhatsApp on my computer?

  • To set up WhatsApp on numerous PCs, you must first open WhatsApp on your smartphone and then go to the Menu Key and pick the option WhatsApp Web from the drop-down menu that appears. It has a comprehensive inventory of every device that has ever been connected to the WhatsApp Web.

How can I open WhatsApp backup?

Here’s how to get your conversation history back.

  1. Open WhatsApp and select More options > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup from the drop-down menu. Make a selection of the Google Account into which you wish your chats to be saved. To return to the previous screen, press BACK. It is then possible to uninstall WhatsApp from your handset and reinstall it on your new Android mobile.

Can we read WhatsApp messages from backup file?

Chat Backup may be accessed by going to WhatsApp > More options > Settings > Chats; Make a selection of the Google Account to which you wish to have your chats saved. To return to the previous screen, press ESC. As soon as the backup has been saved, you may uninstall WhatsApp from your handset and reinstall it on your new Android device.

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Can we open WhatsApp backup on Google Drive?

In Google Drive, you may view your backups of your mobile device or WhatsApp chat messages, as well as check the status of your backups. Find out how to restore your backup and which devices you may use to do so in this article. You have the ability to backup and restore the following items: Information from WhatsApp.

How can I open WhatsApp backup without key?

Method No. 1. (For Rooted Devices) Decrypt WhatsApp Database crypt12 on a computer without the need of a key

  1. Locate your WhatsApp message backup file, which is named msgstore. Locate your Key file, which includes the decryption key required to unlock an encrypted file from the /data/data/com directory. Connect your phone to your computer and copy the database file with the name msgstore to your hard drive.

How can I open hike Chat backup in PC?

If you want to retrieve Hike conversations from a Hike backup file, please follow these steps:

  1. Three dots should be tapped. Go to the Hike menu on the Hike home screen, then touch on Settings, then go to Account, then tap on Reset Account. Fill out the registration form again using your previous phone number and choose Restore when requested. EaseUS MobiSaver may be downloaded and installed on a PC or a Mac.

How do you open a backup file?

What is the best way to open a BACKUP file? If you want to restore a BACKUP file, you must first start your Android smartphone in System Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the power and volume buttons simultaneously. Then, from the System Recovery menu, choose the option to recover user information from the drop-down list.

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Where is WhatsApp chat backup stored in Google Drive?

Locate and manage your backups. Go to to find out more. Click the number in the “Storage” section on the bottom left of the screen. Backups may be found in the upper right corner.

Where is WhatsApp backup stored?

Backups of WhatsApp conversations are maintained on Google Drives. You have the ability to alter the frequency with which your WhatsApp conversations are stored. Google Drive has kept two copies of your WhatsApp chat backups that were created recently.

How can I read WhatsApp messages on PC without crypt key?

Copy the msgstore.db file to your computer’s hard drive.

  1. The WhatsApp Viewer program will be used to read the decrypted file, which will be installed on your computer. To obtain a copy, please click HERE. Make a selection in the file menu and click on “Open,” then navigate for the decrypted file with the name msgstore.db, select it, and press “Ok.”

How do I open CRYPT14 files on PC?

What is the best way to open a CRYPT14 file? Following the successful recovery of both your WhatsApp encryption key and your CRYPT14 file, you may decrypt, read, and save your WhatsApp message history using WhatsApp Viewer (Windows), a free WhatsApp database decryption program that you can download from the internet.

How can I read WhatsApp DB file?

We must steal or retrieve WhatsApp Messages from the Database Folder on our computer. Just use the File Explorer or Browser on your Android device. Simply create a Chats folder on your Android’s SD card, for example. Simply navigate to the following locations: SD card/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.

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