How To Make A Call From Windows 10 Pc? (Correct answer)

To make a phone call from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Your Phone app and choose Calls from the drop-down menu. In the Search your contacts box, type the name or phone number of a contact you want to find. Alternatively, you may input a phone number straight into the dial pad. Choose the dial icon to begin your phone conversation

What is the best way to make a phone call from a computer?

  • On your PC, go to Hangouts at or in Gmail to start a conversation. Select the Call option from the drop-down menu. To search, enter a phone number or a name in the search box. To terminate a call, either shut the Hangout window or click the End call button. In addition, if you run out of calling credit, the call will be terminated.

How do I make a call from my computer Windows 10?

Recent calls will now appear in the Your Phone app on Windows 10 if you have received any. A recent call may be selected and the phone icon clicked on the PC, or you can search for contacts or use the dial pad to make a call from your PC. When you get a phone call, a notice will show on your computer, and you will be able to choose whether to accept or decline the call.

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Can I make a phone call through my PC?

Making and receiving phone calls from your Android handset on your PC is possible with the Your Phone software. To make and receive phone calls on your PC, the Your Phone app must be linked to your Android handset through Bluetooth, which is not included.

How can I call my laptop from Windows 10 without phone?

To make phone calls from your Windows 10 computer, follow these instructions: — Launch the Your Phone application on your computer. — Click on the Calls option. — To initiate a new call, dial the following numbers: Select a number from the dial pad and press Enter.

How can I make a call from my laptop without phone?


  1. STEP 1: Download and install Skype on your laptop or desktop computer. STEP 2: Sign up for Skype and establish a user account with your chosen username and password. STEP 3: After completing the sign-up process, you’ll be presented with four options: Contacts, Recent, Call phones, and Profile.

How can I call from PC to mobile?

How to set up the Your Phone application and connect your phone to your computer.

  1. In Windows 10, launch the Your Phone app and then tap Android on the right side of the screen, followed by Continue. Sending you a link to connect your Android phone to your PC is as simple as entering your mobile phone number and clicking Send.

How can I call without a phone number?

To conceal your phone number, dial *67. In both cases, smartphones and landlines are compatible with this method. Using your phone’s keypad, dial the numbers *, 6, and 7, followed by the number you’re attempting to reach. In exchange for your free service, your phone number is hidden and will appear on the other end as “Private” or “Blocked” when calling through caller ID.

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