How To Install Youtube In Pc? (Solution)

What is the best way to get YouTube to work on my computer?

  • On the YouTube app page, select “Install” from the drop-down menu. Although the program is being designed for usage on portable devices, it should also be compatible with a new model desktop computer. On the new window that appears, select “Install” from the drop-down menu. The application will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Can I download YouTube app on PC?

Click on Download and then open the YouTube Desktop App on your Windows-based desktop or laptop computer.

How do I install YouTube on my Windows computer?

Instructions on how to install the YouTube app on Windows 10 using the Microsoft Edge browser

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Go to the YouTube website. Click the Settings and more (three-dotted) icon in the top-right corner of the browser. Select the Apps submenu from the main menu. Select the Install YouTube option from the drop-down menu. Installing the YouTube app on Windows 10 is as simple as clicking the Install button.

How can we install YouTube?

The YouTube app is available for download from the Google Play store. If you want to learn more about controlling Android app downloads from Google Play, check out the Google Play Help Center. Please keep in mind that the app will only operate on phones and tablets running Android version 4.0 or above.

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How do I use YouTube on my laptop?

Go to on your computer’s web browser, preferably Google Chrome. Choose the video you wish to view and then click the Cast symbol in the video player to begin watching it. Select the device to which you wish to cast your content and wait for it to sync. Once you’ve connected your device, the video will begin to play on your television.

How do I download YouTube app to my laptop Chrome?

Go to the Chrome Web Store to get started. Locate and pick the application you desire. Click on Add to Chrome, or if it’s a premium app, select Buy from the drop-down menu.

  1. To install the application, go to the developer’s website and click Add to Chrome. Permissions should be reviewed and accepted. To finish the installation, open a new tab on your browser.

Does the Microsoft store have YouTube?

An official YouTube app for Windows 10 looks to have appeared in the Microsoft Store, according to the developer. The program is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) software and does not appear to be a tainted version of the Xbox app; it also does not appear to be a Progressive Web App, according to ALumia.

How do I install apps on my laptop?

Install applications from the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 computer.

  1. Go to the Start button and then pick Microsoft Store from the list of available applications. Navigate to the Apps or Games section of the Microsoft Store. Click on Show all at the end of the row to see more items in the given category. Choose the software or game that you’d want to download, and then click on the Get button.
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What is OS installation?

Alternatively, if the operating system software was delivered on a USB flash drive, you must set your computer to boot from a USB drive as the initial boot device. In most cases, after the computer has been set to boot from a specific USB drive, the computer should automatically run the operating system installer and help you through the installation process.

Is YouTube free App?

YouTube Download for Mobile Devices It is possible to get the free YouTube mobile application from a variety of websites, depending on the mobile device used. It is possible to get the YouTube mobile for Android application through the Google Play Store, while the YouTube mobile for iPhone application may be downloaded via the Apple App Store.

Is YouTube free to download?

The use and viewing of YouTube is completely free for all users, who may do so by either installing the YouTube application or accessing the website on their browser.

Why is my YouTube not installing?

Open the Settings app on your Android device and choose the App & notifications or Apps option from the drop-down menu. YouTube may be found under All applications, and then it can be found under Storage for YouTube. Clear the cache by pressing the CLEAR CACHE button and then try upgrading YouTube. If the problem continues, select CLEAR DATA from the drop-down menu.

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