How To Download Youtube Videos In Pc? (Correct answer)

How to save YouTube videos to your computer’s hard drive

  1. Install YTD Video Downloader when it has been downloaded. Using your browser, navigate to the YouTube video you wish to download and click “Save.” If it isn’t already running, start YTD Video Downloader by clicking here.
  2. In YTD’s URL field, copy and paste the YouTube url from your web browser. When you are in YTD, click the Download option.

What is the best way to download videos from YouTube to my computer?

  • Navigate to the YouTube video you want to download and click on it. Launch your web browser and navigate to, where you may find and download the YouTube video you wish to download. Alternatively, you may begin playing the video to check it is the proper one. If you are having difficulties locating the video, you may use the search box at the top of the page to look for it.

Can I download a video from YouTube to my computer?

What is the best method for downloading videos from YouTube to my computer? You have the ability to download videos that you have previously posted. If you haven’t uploaded the movie yourself, there isn’t a way to save it to your hard drive. The YouTube app is the only place where you can download videos to your mobile device.

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How do I download YouTube videos to my computer 2020?

What is the best way to download YouTube videos directly?

  1. Go to the video section. Make a visit to YouTube using your browser and locate the video you wish to download. In the URL, include the prefix’ss’. It is then necessary to make any necessary changes to the URL in the text editor given by YouTube. Simply add’ss’ after the ‘www.’ but before the ‘’ in the URL
  2. Go to the Download Site to get started.

How do I download YouTube videos with Chrome?

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  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Find a video and watch it.
  2. Copy the video’s URL for later use. Open a web browser and navigate to Copy and paste the video URL into the white bar and press Enter. Select “Download Video” from the drop-down menu. Continue reading if you want to discover how to download YouTube videos using the Convert2MP3 website.

How do I download a YouTube video to my computer without the app?

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Download YouTube Videos Without Using Any Software

  1. YouTubeMP4. With the help of this internet tool, you may download YouTube videos without having to install any software. The following websites are useful: SaveTube.
  2. Savefromnet.
  3. Catchvideo.
  5. Converto
  6. YouTubNow.

What is the best YouTube downloader free?

The Top 17 Best Free YouTube Downloaders are listed below.

  • WinX YouTube Downloader – Easily download videos.
  • 4K Video Downloader – Download high-quality videos.
  • JDownloader – Cross-platform.
  • YouTube-DLG – GUI for video downloads.
  • ClipGrab – Simple interface.
  • ATube Catcher – The fastest download speed.
  • VideoGet – The best video downloader for Windows.
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What is the best way to download a YouTube video?

The following are the most effective downloaders available.

  1. VLC Media Player (free
  2. Windows, macOS, Linux). 4K Video Downloader (free
  3. Windows, macOS, Linux). It is free or $15 for a lifetime license on three machines running Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, or Android.
  4. WinX YouTube Downloader.
  5. 5KPlayer.
  6. FoneGeek Video Downloader.
  7. YouTube Video Downloader.
  8. Video DownloadHelper.
  9. Video DownloadHelper.

Is VidMate available for PC?

Features of the Vidmate PC Application The first benefit of this software is that it is completely free to use for both Android and PC users; you will not be required to pay anything in order to use this app. As a result of the fact that it is downloading straight from the source website servers, the VidMate PC application enables extremely fast video and audio downloads.

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