How To Connect Samsung Mobile To Pc? (Perfect answer)

Connect your Galaxy phone to your Samsung PC via the USB cable.

  1. All you have to do to make your phone and computer function together as a single device is download the Microsoft Launcher program and follow a few easy instructions. On the computer, go to the Start menu and then select the Settings option. Your phone and computer are now linked together!

What is the best way to sync my Samsung phone with my PC?

  • Simply press the notice to activate it. Choose “File Transfer” from your phone’s menu, then switch your focus to your computer. Open the file explorer on your computer and look for your Samsung Galaxy phone in the list of available files. If you want to transfer files from your phone’s micro SD card, locate your phone’s card in the file explorer and choose it.

How do I connect my Samsung phone to my computer?

Android 7.1 (Nougat)

  1. Apps may be accessed from any Home screen. Settings > Connections can be accessed from any Home screen. Select Tethering and Mobile HotSpot from the drop-down menu. Make use of a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. Select the USB tethering check box if you want to share your internet connection with others. If you would want to learn more about tethering, choose OK.
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How do I transfer files from my Samsung phone to my computer?

Option 2: Use a USB cord to transfer data.

  1. Unlock your mobile phone. A USB cable should be used to connect your phone to your computer. On your smartphone, press the message that says “Charging this item through USB.” Choose File Transfer from the drop-down menu under “Use USB for.” On your computer, a file transfer window will be shown.

Why is my Samsung phone USB not connecting to the computer?

Examine the USB cable that came with your phone. First and first, if your Samsung phone is unable to connect to your computer, the USB cable that you are using to connect it should be checked for damage. Check to see that there is no visible damage to the cable before continuing. Verify that the cable is fast enough for your computer and/or that it is a data cable before proceeding.

How do I connect my Samsung phone to my computer without cable?

Connection to the Internet through Wi-Fi

  1. Connect both your Android device and your PC to the same Wi-Fi network. The URL “” should be entered into your PC browser to load a QR code. To scan the QR code, launch AirMore on your Android device and select “Scan to connect.” After that, they’ll be effectively connected.

How can I connect my phone to PC?

Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ app may be used to connect Windows 10 and Android devices.

  1. Start by logging into the Your Phone App.
  2. Install the Your Phone Companion App.
  3. Log into the Phone.
  4. Turn on Photos and Messages.
  5. Photos From Phone to PC Instantly.
  6. Photos From Phone to PC Immediately. Messaging on the PC
  7. Windows 10 Timeline on Your Android
  8. Notifications
  9. and more.
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How can I connect my mobile with PC?

Getting Your Device to Work with Your Computer

  1. Connect your phone to a USB port on your computer by using the USB cable that came with your phone. Open the Notifications panel and choose the USB connection symbol from the drop-down menu. To connect to the PC, select the connection option you want to use from the drop-down menu.

Why can’t I transfer files from phone to PC?

Remove both devices from the USB cord and restart them when they have been disconnected. Reconnect the USB cord between your Windows PC and your Android phone when the device has restarted. Make sure that file transfers are permitted or that the Android file transfer is not functioning properly.

Where is USB settings on Samsung?

Launch the Settings application. Storage is a good option. Select the USB Computer Connection command from the Action Overflow menu by tapping the Action Overflow icon. Select either Media Device (MTP) or Camera from the drop-down menu (PTP).

Why is my phone not recognizing my USB device?

Try the methods listed below. Go to Settings > Storage> More (three-dot menu)> USB computer connection, and then choose Media device from the drop-down menu (MTP). When using Android 6.0, navigate to Settings> About phone (> Software info), and then touch “Build number” 7-10 times. Return to Settings> Developer options, tick “Select USB Configuration” and select MTP from the drop-down menu.

Why is my USB device not recognized?

It’s possible that Windows is missing additional critical updates due to hardware or software difficulties. It’s possible that your USB controllers have become unreliable or corrupt. It’s possible that your external drive has entered selected suspend mode. It is possible that your PC motherboard need updated drivers.

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How can I connect mobile to PC without USB cable?

To configure Wi-Fi tethering, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering and choose the option. Select Portable hotspot (also referred to as Wi-Fi hotspot on some phones). On the next screen, toggle the slider to the On position. On this page, you may make changes to the network configuration choices.

How do I connect my Android phone to computer?

Tethering and hotspots may be found in the Settings menu under Network & internet. Portable hotspot (also known as Wi-Fi hotspot on some phones) should be selected. The slider should be turned on on the following screen. On this page, you may change the network configuration parameters.

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