How To Connect Samsung J5 To Pc?

What is the best way to transfer files from a Samsung Galaxy J5 to a PC?

  • Connect the Galaxy J5 to a computer using a USB cable to complete the connection. A window will appear on the Samsung Galaxy J5 phone’s display screen. Drag the notification box down and make a selection from the list that appears. Connect the USB storage device. Click on the OK button. The option to open a folder to see files will appear on your computer screen when you click it.

What USB does a Samsung J5 use?

Micro USB Charge and Sync Cable for the Samsung Galaxy J3(2017), J5(2017), J7(2017), and other Samsung Micro USB Devices. This cable is genuine Samsung and is compatible with all other Samsung Micro USB devices (White Micro Usb Cable Only)

Why my Samsung phone is not connecting to PC via USB cable?

Examine the USB cable that came with your phone. First and first, if your Samsung phone is unable to connect to your computer, the USB cable that you are using to connect it should be checked for damage. Verify that the cable is fast enough for your computer and/or that it is a data cable before proceeding. It is possible that newer PCs will require a USB 3.1 data cable in order to connect properly.

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How do I get my computer to recognize my Samsung phone?

Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone and select Storage. Then choose USB computer connection from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen. Decide on a media device from the list of available alternatives (MTP). Connect your Android smartphone to your computer, and it should automatically detect it and provide the appropriate information.

How can I connect my Samsung laptop with USB cable?

Tethering via USB is possible.

  1. Apps may be accessed from any Home screen. Settings > Connections can be accessed from any Home screen. Select Tethering and Mobile HotSpot from the drop-down menu. Make use of a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. Select the USB tethering check box if you want to share your internet connection with others. If you would want to learn more about tethering, choose OK.

Why is my phone not detecting USB?

Go to Settings> Storage> More (three-dot menu)> USB computer connection, and then choose Media device from the drop-down menu (MTP). When using Android 6.0, navigate to Settings> About phone (> Software info), and then touch “Build number” 7-10 times. Return to Settings> Developer options, tick “Select USB Configuration” and select MTP from the drop-down menu.

Where is USB settings on Samsung?

Launch the Settings application. Storage is a good option. Select the USB Computer Connection command from the Action Overflow menu by tapping the Action Overflow icon. Select either Media Device (MTP) or Camera from the drop-down menu (PTP).

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Is Micro USB the same as USB-C?

Incorporating USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 technologies, USB-C is the speedier connection, allowing data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps (gigabits per second). Micro USB connections, on the other hand, can only transport data at speeds of up to 480 Mbps (megabits per second), or up to 5 Gbps if the cable is compatible with USB 3.0.

Is Micro USB for Android?

Since their release in 2008, Android smartphones have nearly exclusively used the USB Micro-B connection for both data transfer and charging, with the exception of a few exceptions. Micro USB is also used by Android tablets, however they frequently have a separate connector for connecting their own power adapter. See also the USB Type C port and the Android dock.

What is C type USB?

It is an industry standard connection for sending both data and power on a single cable, and it is used by many devices. This connector was designed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), which is a consortium of firms that has worked together for many years to develop, certify, and oversee the development of the USB standard.

How do I get my computer to recognize my USB device?

Windows is unable to recognize my new USB device. What am I supposed to do?

  1. Disconnect the USB device from your computer by opening Device Manager and selecting it. Allow a few seconds to pass before reconnecting the device.
  2. A USB device should be connected to a second USB port. Make a connection between the USB device and another computer. Update the USB device drivers on your computer.
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How do I enable MTP on my Samsung Android?


  1. Access the menu by going to “Apps” > “Power Tools” and selecting “Power Tools.” ‘EZ Config’ > ‘Generator’
  2. open DeviceConfig.xml in a separate window. ‘DeviceConfig’ > ‘Other Settings’ is the next step. Select the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu under ‘Set USB Mode.’ File transfers are accomplished via the use of the MTP protocol, whereas photo transfers are accomplished through the use of the PTP protocol. Select ‘Update Configuration’ and press ‘Save.’ Restart the device.

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