How To Connect Pc Internet To Mobile Without Usb In Windows 7? (Solution)

Bluetooth technology is being used. In this case, you’ll need to go to the Start menu and then click on settings again. Once you’ve arrived, search for any available network connections. The WiFi choices are located on the left-hand side of the screen. Simply activate Hotspot and then select the “Share my internet connection” option from the “Bluetooth” drop-down menu.
How to connect to mobile internet on a PC without using a USB cable?

  • Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to connect to mobile internet on a PC without the usage of a USB cable. 1. Navigate to the main settings menu on your phone. 2. Select Settings > Portable Hotspot or Tethering Hotspot Setting from the drop-down menu. The configurations are determined on the smartphone model you are using. Toggle on the Bluetooth connection for your smartphone and make sure the data pack is turned on as well.

How can I connect Internet from PC to Mobile in Windows 7?

Configure a Wi-Fi connection in Windows® 7.

  1. Connecting to a network is enabled by default. From the system tray (which is placed next to the clock), select the option you want.
  2. Click on the wireless network icon to select your favorite wireless network. Wireless networks will not be accessible unless a module has been installed. Click. Make a connection..
  3. Enter the security code and then press the “Submit” button. OK..
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How can I connect Internet from PC to mobile?

Select the Start button, then Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot from the drop-down menu. Select the Internet connection from which you wish to share your Internet connection from the Share my Internet connection from drop-down menu. Select Edit > Type in a new network name and password > Save your changes.

How can I share my PC Internet to mobile without hotspot?

In general, connecting a PC’s internet to a mobile device through USB is straightforward. Connect it to your computer via a USB cable and then activate USB tethering in order to connect your mobile device to the internet.

How can I share my PC Internet to mobile via Bluetooth?


  1. Bluetooth should be enabled on both the PC and the phone. Connect and pair them both. Now, navigate to the phone’s settings. Enable mobile data access. Once again, go to the settings menu and type Bluetooth Tethering into the search box. Bluetooth Tethering should be enabled.

How can I make my PC a WIFI hotspot without router?

How to Set Up a Wireless Home Network Without a Router in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Obtain and install the most recent version of Connectify Hotspot on your computer or laptop. Identify your hotspot by giving it a name (SSID) and password. Choose the Internet connection you wish to share from the drop-down menu. To make your Internet connection available to others, press the ‘Start Hotspot’ button.

What is WiFi dongle for PC?

The best USB Wi-Fi adapters on the market

  1. The Trendnet TEW-809UB is a wireless router. The finest full-size Wi-Fi adaptor on the market. Specifications for the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter are shown below. The ASUS USB-AC68 is the best wireless adapter for gaming laptops. Edimax EW-7833UAC is the best portable USB Wi-Fi adapter on the market. The Linksys WUSB6300 is the best mid-range USB Wi-Fi adapter available. The best tiny USB Wi-Fi adapter on the market.
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Can dongle be used as WiFi adapter?

Illustrious. That is exactly what it encourages. It may be used to connect to a wireless router or access point, such as one at home or at a café, along with receiving broadband from a broadband provider, and it can also be used as a HotSpot (connecting phones, tablets, and other electronic devices to it) for internet access.

Does WiFi adapter work with mobile hotspot?

There are 13 responses. Hi, Creating a mobile hotspot on your computer is possible, but you must have a WLAN adapter installed on your computer, and your computer must be linked to the Internet in order for this to be possible. To enable mobile hotspot, start by selecting Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot from the Start menu.

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