How To Connect Mobile Net To Pc Without Usb Cable? (Best solution)

To configure Wi-Fi tethering, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Network Internet Hotspot Tethering section of the Settings menu. Select Portable hotspot from the drop-down menu (called Wi-Fi hotspot on some phones).
  2. On the next screen, toggle the slider to the On position. On this page, you may make changes to the network configuration choices.

  • Connect your PC to the Hotspot and then enter the IP address in your PC’s browser to begin using the service (Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox or Safari). Once connected, the information from your Android device will appear on the PC browser. It indicates that you have connected your Android device to your PC without utilizing a USB cable or a network.

How can I use my PC Internet on Android mobile without USB cable?

Simply activate Hotspot and then select the “Share my internet connection” option from the “Bluetooth” drop-down menu. To see the network name and password, click on the edit button once again. You have the option of changing your ID and password at your convenience. Go to the WiFi settings on your Android or Apple smartphone and choose the network from the list of available networks.

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How can I connect my computer to the Internet without cable?

Generally speaking, a wireless network adapter is a device that links your computer to a wireless network connection. It is necessary to have a wireless network adapter installed on your computer before it may connect to your wireless network from a portable or desktop computer. The majority of laptops and tablets, as well as certain desktop PCs, come pre-installed with a wireless network adapter.

How can I connect my mobile Internet to Windows 7 without USB?

Instructions on how to connect to a wireless hotspot using Windows 7.

  1. Ensure that your laptop’s wireless adapter is operational, if necessary. To access your network, click the network icon in your taskbar. Connect to the wireless network by selecting it from the drop-down menu and then clicking Connect. If prompted, provide the name of the wireless network as well as its security key/passphrase. Connect by pressing the Connect button.

How can I connect my mobile with PC for internet?

Create a mobile hotspot with your Windows PC.

  1. Select the Start button, then Settings > Network & internet > Mobile hotspot from the menu bar. Choose the internet connection you wish to share from the drop-down menu under Share my Internet connection from. Choose whether you want to share your connection through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for the Share over option.

How can I use Wifi instead of Ethernet?

There are five possible responses.

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Right-click “Network” and then select Properties from the drop-down menu. To change the adapter settings, open the “Network and Sharing Center” window and select “Change Adapter Settings.” To bring up the menu bar in the “Network Connections” box, press the ALT + F keys on your keyboard simultaneously. Select “Advanced” from the drop-down menu, followed by “Advanced Settings.”
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What is Dongle Wifi?

Dongles are small, portable Wi-Fi USB sticks that can be connected to laptops, smart phones, and tablets to give users with easy internet connectivity while on the move. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes. In essence, when you plug in a dongle to your computer, you are connecting to your modem, which is a portable internet modem that you can take with you everywhere you go.

How do I connect to mobile hotspot?

The majority of Android phones have the ability to transfer mobile data over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Important: Some cell carriers restrict or charge extra for tethering. Check with your provider before doing so. Turn on your wireless hotspot.

  1. The majority of Android phones have the ability to transfer mobile data over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. Important: Some cell carriers restrict or charge extra for tethering. Check with your provider for details. Use your mobile hotspot to connect to the internet.

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