How To Connect Jiofi To Pc Without Usb? (Question)

What is the best way to link my JioFi to my PC?

  • A USB cable is required. Once you have set up your JioFi gadget to connect to the internet, you may immediately link it to your computer as well as your smartphone. We put the gadget through its paces on a Lenovo Ultrabook running Windows 10. We were able to access the internet immediately after connecting the gadget to the computer with a USB cord.

Can we connect JioFi to PC without USB?

Jiofi, on the other hand, is a gadget that functions as a mobile wifi router. It is not necessary to have a smartphone in order to utilize it; any wifi-enabled device may be used to connect to it. I believe the stumbling block is the notion of “wireless,” which is in contrast to what a USB cord is.

How do I connect my Jio dongle to my computer wirelessly?

Connect laptops and desktop computers

  1. Step 1: Navigate to the WiFi Settings on your laptops or desktop computers. Make a selection from the list of possible SSIDs* to use as your JioFi device
  2. Step 3: When prompted, enter your JioFi Password*. Your laptop or desktop computer (if it is Wi-Fi capable) has now been successfully linked to your JioFi.
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Can JioFi be connected to desktop?

Connecting the JioFi to the desktop computer is as simple as plugging in the USB cable. When you purchased the JioFi, you received a box including a USB cable, an adapter, and other accessories. Connect JioFi to your computer’s USB port using the included USB cable. Simply plug in your computer and you’re ready to browse the internet.

How manually connect to JioFi?

Before accessing this website, ensure that your device is connected to the jioFi network.

  1. To log in, click the Login button and enter your username and password. Select the Manual option in the network for APN attach setup by going to Settings > Network > Manual Attach Setting. Choosing IPV4 from the numerous options of IPV4/IPV6 Mode is the first step. Now, click on the Apply button to complete the process.

Can we use JioFi as USB tethering?

There is no need for any further setup!! To use JioFi, all you have to do is connect it to your PC/Laptop using a USB cable that has a micro USB-B connector on one end and the other end to a USB port on your system. Your system will automatically detect the JioFi and you will be able to access the Internet on your system.

Why is JioFi not connecting to PC?

Check to see that the Jio Home Gateway is operational and that the LED color is a stable green. Check to see that the correct SSID (WiFi ID) has been selected and that the correct password has been entered. Check the strength of the WiFi signal. Try disconnecting the Third Party Router and reconnecting directly to the Jio Home Gateway if that does not work.

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How do I connect my Jio to WIFI?

What is the best way to utilize my JioFi device?

  1. In your JioFi, insert the battery as well as the Jio SIM that has been activated. It should be turned on. Make sure that the Wi-Fi is turned on on the consumption device you intend to use (laptops and tablets, mobile phones and gaming devices, cameras and smart TVs, for example)
  2. Look for Wi-Fi networks that are currently available. To connect to your JioFi, enter the network name of your device.

What is WPS in JioFi?

WPS is an abbreviation for wifi protected setup. There are wifi and non-wifi modems that have this WPS button available to them. The JioFi WPS button enables customers to connect wireless devices in a matter of seconds. When connecting your smartphone to the JioFi device, you can simply press the WPS button, with no need to enter a username or password.

Can we connect dongle to desktop?

Using a cellular dongle to connect to the Internet from your PC is a viable option for many people. Connect the dongle to your computer by connecting it to a USB port. If you are using Windows 10, there is a good chance that it will automatically configure the connection for you.

Can we use JioFi as a wifi repeater?

Step one is to use Wi-Fi to connect the JioFi 2 to your computer. Enable the storage account option in this section, and then select Wi-Fi from the storage mode drop-down menu. Also included are the storage login and password, which you may put in a safe place if you so want. Once you’ve finished, simply click on “Apply” and you’re done.

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How much does dongle cost? Data Cards & Dongles / Networking Devices: Computers & Accessories (Rs. 1,000 – 5,000): Computers & Accessories.

What is the IP address of Jiofi?

Using a web browser, go to the URL http://jiofi.local.html or and enter the username and password.

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