How To Connect Internet From Pc To Android Mobile Via Wifi? (Solved)

Swiping down on your Android device’s screen will bring up the Wifi shortcut. Long-press the Wi-Fi icon to view accessible hotspot networks, then identify and tap the name of the PC hotspot, followed by the password, to establish a connection with it. If you have an iPhone, open the phone’s settings and select Wi-Fi. Then, locate and input the name of the PC hotspot and push Join.
What is the best way to connect my Android device to my PC?

  • Using a wire, especially the wire nestled in the heart of a USB cable, is the quickest and most direct method of connecting an Android tablet to a computer, according to Google. A variety of tasks can be completed following the establishment of the USB connection, but the process begins with the connection of the cable.

How can I share my PC Internet to Android mobile via WiFi?

Select the Start button, then Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot from the drop-down menu. Select the Internet connection from which you wish to share your Internet connection from the Share my Internet connection from drop-down menu. Select Edit > Type in a new network name and password > Save your changes. Share my Internet connection with other devices should be enabled.

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How can I connect my PC Internet to mobile via WiFi?

3. How to Connect a Wi-Fi Hotspot to a Personal Computer

  1. Go to Settings > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering and choose the option. Select Portable hotspot (also referred to as Wi-Fi hotspot on some phones). On the next screen, toggle the slider to the On position. On this page, you may make changes to the network configuration choices.

How can I share my PC Internet to mobile without hotspot?

In general, connecting a PC’s internet to a mobile device through USB is straightforward. Connect it to your computer via a USB cable and then activate USB tethering in order to connect your mobile device to the internet.

How can I share my PC Internet to mobile via LAN?

Configure your Windows computer’s network connections. Then, using the right click on the connection that you wish to share, select properties from the context menu. Select “Allow other network users to connect using this computer’s internet connection” from the Sharing drop-down menu after clicking on the Sharing tab.

How can I share my PC Internet with my phone?

Tethering an Internet Connection with an Android Phone – Step by Step Guide

  1. USB cable is required for connecting the phone to a computer or laptop. To begin, open the Settings application. Then select Tethering & Mobile Hotspot from the More drop-down menu. A check mark should be placed beside USB Tethering.

Can I use my PC Internet on my Android phone?

Yes, this is a possibility. If your PC is equipped with an Internet connection, you may connect your Android smartphone to it simply by connecting it to it using a USB port and a USB cable.

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Why My PC is not connecting to mobile hotspot?

On your PC, go to the Mobile Hotspot settings. To launch Settings, press Win+I and then select Network & Internet from the drop-down menu. Identify your mobile hotspot adapter, right-click it, and select Properties from the context menu. Uncheck “Allow other network users to connect using this computer’s Internet connection” on the Sharing tab of the Windows Control Panel.

How can I connect my PC Internet to mobile via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth tethering is used.

  1. Make a connection between your phone and the other device. Configure the other device so that it may connect to the network through Bluetooth. Adhere to the operating instructions that come with the gadget. Open the Settings app on your smartphone. Select Network & internet from the drop-down menu. Hotspot and tethering.
  2. Bluetooth tethering with a single tap.

How do you tether WiFi on Android?

To use this function, go to the Settings screen on your phone and select More from the Wireless & Networks menu. Then select Tethering & portable hotspot from the drop-down menu. When you select the Set up Wi-Fi hotspot option, you’ll be able to customize your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot by modifying the SSID (name) and password associated with it.

How can I connect my PC to WiFi without cable?

Connecting to the Internet in Windows 10

  1. Click on the Windows button in the lower-left corner of your desktop to open the Windows Start menu. “Settings” should be typed in. Then look for the phrase “Network and Internet” and click on it. “Wi-Fi” should be selected. To switch on the Wi-Fi, go to the Wi-Fi interface and press the on/off button twice. After that, you may connect to your network by entering your network name and password.
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How can I use mobile data without hotspot?

Learn how to transfer data between two phones without the use of an internet connection.

  1. Start the TrebleShot – File Share application on both phones. Activate the option “Allow altering system settings.” It should now be possible to link the two devices. Click on the name of the device to which you are transferring data, followed by the “Feeling Lucky” button.

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