How To Connect Htc Mobile To Pc? (TOP 5 Tips)

Check to see if mobile data is enabled on your device.

  1. Navigate to Settings and then to Wireless networks, where you may choose More. Select Mobile network sharing USB network setting USB tethering (or Mobile network sharing USB tethering) from the drop-down menu. Connect your HTC Desire 626 to your computer using the USB cord that was included.

Is the HTC One M9 a decent smartphone?

  • If you are searching for a fantastic flagship phone, HTC manufactures them
  • but, if you are seeking for a solid mid-range phone, there are other good options available on the market.

How do I transfer files from my HTC phone to my computer?

You can transfer your media files from or to your computer using the methods listed below.

  1. The HTC 10 should be connected to your computer.
  2. Download and install the HTC Sync Manager program on your PC.
  3. You may organize your media files in a cloud storage service so that you can access them from anywhere, including your PC, the HTC 10, and other mobile devices.
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How do I use HTC Sync Manager on my PC?

Open HTC Sync Manager as an administrator, or make sure you’re logged in as an administrator on your PC before proceeding.

  1. Right-click the HTC Sync Manager shortcut and select Run as administrator from the context menu. Examine whether the HTC Sync Manager detects your phone after reconnecting it to your PC a second time

How do I connect my HTC One M8 to my computer?

HTC One allows you to transfer files between your PC and phone (M8) Connect the data wire to the phone socket as well as to the USB port on your computer. Open a file manager on your computer to begin organizing your files. Navigate to the needed folder on your computer’s or phone’s file system and press Enter. Using the highlighter, choose a file and transfer or copy it to the appropriate spot.

How do I transfer photos from my HTC u11 to my computer?

Transferring Files Using a USB Drive

  1. Step one is to connect your USB device. In order to begin, connect your USB cable to your phone and attach the other end into an available USB port on your computer. Step Two – Getting Access to Phone Files on Your Computer. The next thing you’ll see is the File Manager window appearing on your computer screen. 3) Copy or move the files in the third step.

How do I transfer data from my HTC phone?


  1. Don’t forget to back up your phone before you transfer data. Go to the Settings menu on your new phone. Select Get material from another phone from the drop-down menu. Select HTC Android phone or Other Android phone from the drop-down menu. If you’re prompted to select a transfer method, select Full transfer.
  2. Then select Next.
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How do I connect my HTC 10 to my laptop?

Connect the HTC 10 to the computer using the USB Type-C connector that was included. If the screen on your HTC 10 is locked, you must unlock it. When a pop-up window appears asking if you want to utilize USB for file transfers, select Yes.

How do I connect my HTC Desire 610 to my computer?

Transferring media files to and from a computer

  1. Insert the microUSB end of the microUSB cable into the microUSB port of the device when the device is switched on. Insert the USB end of the microUSB cable into a USB port on the Mac that is currently available. On the computer, select Start
  2. then Computer
  3. and then Finish. Open the drive for the newly attached device.

How do I transfer photos from my HTC One to my computer?

Connect your HTC One M9 to your computer using the USB cable. Your computer will identify it as a detachable USB drive, and you will be able to copy your media between them just as you would with any other. See Moving files between your HTC One M9 and your PC is simple. Installing and using the HTC Sync Manager program on your PC is recommended.

How do I access files on my HTC phone?

Starting with Android 6.0, you may access and manage files stored on the phone’s internal storage and external storage card by going to Settings. Managing and viewing data stored on the storage device

  1. Selecting a file is accomplished by pressing and holding it. Deselect a file by tapping on it. For example, to choose all files, first press and hold a file, and then touch > Select all.
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How do I transfer photos from my HTC phone to my Mac?

Q:Can you tell me how to transfer images from my HTC phone to iPhoto on my MacBook Pro?

  1. Connect your HTC phone to your Mac computer using the USB cable. HTC Sync Manager may be launched from the Applications menu. Select the Gallery tab. Select the SETTINGS tab. Check the box next to Import images and videos from phone in the Sync Settings section.

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